Gigi Leung’s daughter turns 100 days old

Gigi Leung threw a big party to celebrate and revealed, “I can only consider trying for another child next year”

Gigi Leung’s daughter turns 100 days old

Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung held a banquet for her 100-day-old daughter Sofia Crespo Leung at Four Seasons Hotel yesterday and invited over 200 guests to join in the celebration.

Many celebrity guests turned up for the party including Sofia’s godmother Charlie Young, Valen Hsu, Sylvia Chang, Miriam Yeung's husband Real Ting, Donnie Yen’s wife Cissy Wang, Ronald Cheng and his wife Sammie Yu.

Gigi joked, “Preparing for this celebration is more difficult than preparing for a concert, because my staff isn’t here to prepare everything for me.”

The benevolent actress-singer even placed a donation box at the reception to help earthquake ravaged Nepal and will be donating the gifts received to charity.

Gigi Leung’s daughter turns 100 days old

Although her daughter will not be receiving any of the gifts that the guests had prepared for her, Gigi did not forget to prepare a small gift for her daughter – an animated short film highlighting snippets of the family’s life starting with when Gigi first met Sergio until Sofia was born.

“Since I became a mother, my top priority has become looking after the health and growth of my beloved daughter. This 100-day mark means a lot to me! I hope that Sofia feels every bit of love that we have given her since the day she was born,” said the singer.

Gigi continued, “I will be concentrating on my work in the latter half of the year and I have a lot of upcoming shows that I am currently in negotiations for, so I can only consider trying for another child next year.”

Gigi has been married to her Spanish husband Sergio Crespo Gutes for three years and became a mother in February. Sergio also gave his speech at the celebration, saying that he is committed to loving his wife and ensuring that his three-month-old daughter grows up happy and healthy.

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