Gigi Leung shows off her post-pregnancy figure

After delivering her baby, Gigi Leung’s cup size went up and she plans to get back in shape before having a second child

Gigi Leung shows off her post-pregnancy figure

Yesterday, 39-year-old Gigi attended her first event since giving birth to her little princess Sofia Crespo Leung on February 28 this year. She appeared in a loose pink floral dress with a more well-endowed chest, apparently due to her constant breast feeding.

Gigi explained, “Now, my shoes and clothes all don’t fit and I have to buy new ones from scratch. Even my wedding ring can’t be taken off! But I’ve been very happy this whole time.”

She also added that her daughter looks at her with an irresistible smile when she finishes drinking her milk.

The singer-actress hopes to forget about the pains of childbirth before giving birth a second time. Gigi’s body still has yet to revert back to normal and she expressed her hopes that she can lose weight before giving birth again because she will be going on a shoot at the end of next year.

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