Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi earn S$210,000 a day for reality show appearance

Singers deny three-day shoot was for the money


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong singers Gillian Chung, 35, and Charlene Choi, 33, netted 1 million yuan (approximately S$210,000) a day for appearing on a religious-themed Hunan TV reality show.

But Empire Entertainment Group, the pop duo’s management agency and record label, denied they did it for the money. “The theme of this programme is special, and it lets (Twins) cleanse their souls,” the company’s statement read.


The shoot took three days, and it was the pair’s first appearance on a reality show together. “We’re looking forward to it!” the singers expressed through their assistant. “It’s rare to learn Buddhist teachings on a television programme, and we finally get to return to being regular people and think about the meaning of life, so we gained a lot in return.”

For their segment, Gillian and Charlene took part in a series of challenges, including performing on the street, and visited Po Lin Monastery on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island.


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