Gong Li and Vicki Zhao to vie for Best Leading Actress

The full list of nominees for The 51st Golden Horse Awards was announced yesterday

Gong Li and Vicki Zhao to vie for Best Leading Actress 1

The 51st Golden Horse Awards ceremony, which will be held on November 22 in Taiwan, has released its full list of nominees yesterday. Taiwanese actresses Gwei Lun-Mei and Chen Shiang Chyi, together with Chinese actresses Vicki Zhao, Tang Wei and Gong Li, will be battling it out for the prestigious Best Leading Actress award.

Gong Li, the female lead of Coming Home, is believed to be the strongest competitor for Lun-Mei, who bagged the award in 2012.

As for the Best Leading Actor award, outstanding actors of Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Japan – namely Chang Chen, Chen Jian-Bin and Liao Fan, Sean Lau, and Masatoshi Nagase – are in the running for top honours.

Masatoshi, lead actor for Taiwanese movie KANO, is the first Japanese actor nominated for this award. He told the media, “I am very, very surprised by my nomination and I cannot believe it. I’m very happy.” KANO is also nominated across a total of six award categories.

Feeling thankful to judges, the 48-year-old also said, “I am honoured to cross international boundaries and be part of a Taiwan production.”

Gong Li and Vicki Zhao to vie for Best Leading Actress 2

Many Taiwanese were initially worried about the lack of representation of Taiwanese actors in the award categories, but their worries proved to be unfounded with the nominations of Shiang Chyi, Chang Chen and Black Coal, Thin Ice actress Lun-Mei. Chinese thriller Black Coal, Thin Ice earned the most amount of nomination amongst its contenders and is nominated for eight awards in total.

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