Gong Li will not take part in future Golden Horse Awards ceremonies

The actress, who failed to bag the Best Actress award, called the ceremony unprofessional and unfair 

Gong Li

It was Chinese actress Gong Li’s first nomination in the prestigious Golden Horse Awards ceremony this year for the Best Actress award but Taiwanese actress Chen Shiang-chyi beat her to take home the accolade by one vote.

Although Gong Li was seen clapping for Shiang-chyi at the event held last Saturday (Nov 22) in Taiwan and expressed her happiness for actor-director Chen Jian Bin who was the biggest winner for the night before leaving the country on Monday, she declared the next day that “this will be the first and last time I attend the Golden Horse Awards ceremony”.

It was said that Joan Chen, who led the panel of judges, had a previous conflict with Gong Li and the panelists were biased towards Shiang-chyi.

Gong Li made her stand through her manager that she “will never attend this amateurish award ceremony ever, it is so meaningless”.

Emphasising that she enjoyed her trip to Taiwan where the food, weather and company was good, the 49-year-old said, “I thank Golden Horse Awards for giving me this chance to attend the ceremony and see for myself how an unprofessional festival is like. An unfair ceremony like this makes people from the film industry look down on them.”

The thespian, who has headed several panels of various film festivals, revealed that she has never been scolded before, unlike Joan who was criticised by netizens on Weibo that she “is being too biased”.

Gong Li's role in Coming Home which she was nominated for Best Actress award

Although Gong Li understands that she may not win despite attending the ceremony and is not against the Best Actress award category, she was unhappy about the overall outcome.

Responding to the issue, the Golden Horse Awards committee released an official statement. “Our judging process and results are always fair and unbiased without any external influences. For the Best Actress award, the competition was strong and scores were close for the first and second rounds of voting. It was only until the third round that Shiang-chyi won with her role in Exit.”

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