Grace Chan and Edwin Siu will go skinny dipping together

Grace Chan has Kevin Cheng’s permission to film a “nude” scene with Edwin Siu

Grace Chan and Edwin Siu will go skinny dipping together

Hong Kong beauty queen-turned-actress Grace Chan and co-star Edwin Siu will be playing lovers in the upcoming TVB drama Brother’s Keeper II and will be heading to Okinawa, Japan in November to shoot an outdoor skinny dipping scene together.

The both of them have never gone skinny dipping before and 24-year-old Grace admitted that she feels pressured to shoot the scene, “I’m a little worried because I’ve never tried it.”

She added that the scene is meant to “showcase the personality of her wild character, who takes off all her clothes and jumps into the water for relaxation, not for pornographic or alluring purposes”. Grace will be wearing “backup clothes” and the scene will be filmed at night so “nothing will be exposed”, promising her parents that “everything is going to be safe”.

Grace Chan and Edwin Siu will go skinny dipping together

The two actors are both attached and expressed that they have already spoken about it to their respective partners. Grace has explained the plot to 44-year-old Kevin Cheng whom she is currently seeing, and as fellow actors, they discussed how she can improve the way she plays out her scene. Grace continued to say that although Kevin was concerned at first, he has faith in her producer and gave her the green light to go ahead with the scene.

Edwin, on the other hand, “hopes Kevin won’t get mad” and “will swim further away from Grace”. The 38-year-old is also slated to show off his butt in a scene and when he was asked about whether he will tell his actress girlfriend Priscilla Wong about it, he smiled and said, “There’s no need to, I am in charge of my own butt! I’ll still let her know out of respect though.”

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