Grace Chan denies secret meet-up with Kevin Cheng

Grace dispelled rumours of any hanky-panky behaviour between her and Kevin Cheng

Grace Chan denies secret meet-up with Kevin Cheng

Beauty queen-turned-actress Grace Chan, who recently visited actor-singer boyfriend Kevin Cheng’s set in Hengdian, China was rumoured to have met up with him secretly in his trailer during her time there.

However, the 24-year-old responded to the claims about her and Kevin after appearing at the award ceremony for TVB’s variety show The Million Dollar Minute yesterday. She quipped, “Maybe the media have had nothing better to report about lately and decided to make up false stories, but I’m not too affected by it. I know that those writers just want more people to buy copies of their magazines.”

Grace also clarified that other than the fact that the trailer was Kevin’s, everything else in the article is a lie: “I was with [Kevin’s] assistant taking photos and simply having fun. I wasn’t around Kevin very much because he was busy with his shoot.”

Grace Chan denies secret meet-up with Kevin Cheng

When asked if she had entered the trailer, she explained that she did go in for a while on the first day but after that, she was mostly roaming around the set, debunking rumours that claimed “she spent the entire time in his trailer”.

Additionally, it was reported that the two checked in at the same hotel while she was there, but when a reporter asked Grace if she and Kevin shared a room, she replied bluntly, “Don’t ask me such sensitive questions.” She also went on to say that she’s “always been frank with [her] family, so everyone immediately knew that those rumours were false”.

Grace appeared with actresses Ali Lee and Kaki Leung at the award ceremony, where they had to play a few games on the spot and viewers got to vote for their favourite stars.

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