Grace Chan dreams of marrying Kevin Cheng

Actress and beauty queen says she is serious about her 46-year-old beau

Grace Chan

Hong Kong actress and beauty queen Grace Chan is serious about her boyfriend, Hong Kong leading man Kevin Cheng, who’s 22 years her senior.

In a recent interview, the Miss Hong Kong 2013 winner said that she is dating with the future in mind and that her parents support her. “My folks know I don’t date carelessly, I will make sure my partner and I get along well before I take things further,” she said.

“I’m serious about it. Dating is about having a future. If not, why bother?”

She added that dating someone who’s also in the entertainment circle has its perks, because both parties understand each other’s work.

Donning wedding gowns for work also inspired the 24-year-old actress to imagine her dream dress and wedding. “When I have a wedding dress on, I will think about when I might get married, and what kind of dress I should wear, because there are so many styles!” she said.

“I’d like the ceremony to be held at a quiet spot, perhaps in a forest, with lanterns and a long white table — pretty and simple. We’ll eat and chat with friends and family, and my husband and I will sit at the head of the table.”

Grace Chan, Kevin Cheng

Kevin has been romantically linked to many other women before, including actresses Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow, but Grace didn’t agree that he was a playboy, instead saying he is thoughtful, considerate and sincere.

The couple met early this year on the set of the vampire-themed drama series Blue Veins, and have been dating for more than six months.

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