Grace Chan, Kevin Cheng seen on date

Actors reportedly trying out cohabiting to prepare for marriage

Grace 1

Hong Kong actors and celeb couple Kevin Cheng, 46, and Grace Chan, 24, were seen recently on a date in a restaurant in the Tai Hang neighbourhood in Hong Kong, about a month ahead of their first anniversary.

When they noticed they were being photographed, Grace smiled and waved at the reporters, and Kevin, who had had unpleasant encounters with the media, didn’t seem to mind them much this time.

Grace 3

The couple then headed for a stroll at the tennis courts in the Happy Valley area and held hands throughout their walk.

After they drove away, Kevin dropped Grace off at Tung Lo Wan to throw off the reporters pursuing them. The actors met back at Kevin’s home.

According to sources, the couple are trying out cohabiting to prepare for marriage, and they have agreed to cut down on non-essential contact with members of the opposite sex.

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Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan ambushed by paparazzi 
Grace Chan’s parents reportedly against any flash marriage to Kevin Cheng 

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