Grace Chan, Kevin Cheng celebrate love with home-cooked meal, reality TV

Actors keep Valentine’s Day festivities low-key


Photos: Dion Tang, artistes’ social media, TPG
Video: Charlene Chong

Instead of pulling out all the stops to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Hong Kong actors Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng are one A-list star couple who kept things simple — he made pasta, she cooked bacon-wrapped scallops, and they watched reruns of American Idol on television.

Though it was the first time she prepared that dish, “it was successful,” Grace added. “Well, that’s what he said. I thought it was pretty good too.”

But, wait — American Idol? “Random, right?” the 24-year-old Brother’s Keeper II actress said. “He loves to sing, so when we watch it he’s always so impressed.”

“And I think it’s really cool seeing that side of him, that child-like side, he gets really excited or he’ll sing along if he knows the song.”


At a interview session held yesterday to promote new and upcoming TVB drama series on Starhub TV, Grace and other actors from the Hong Kong network — Natalie Tong, Joel Chan, Kristal Tin and Raymond Wong — gave us insights on what makes them tick when it comes to love.

Grace’s year-old relationship with Kevin frequently makes headlines, not least because of their uncommon 22-year age gap. But the actress unequivocally denied they were planning to tie the knot soon.

“I’m definitely not going to rush into anything,” she said. “As much as we wait for a good relationship to come, we should also wait for a good time for marriage.”

But one step in that direction the couple have taken so far: meeting the parents over Chinese New Year. “His mom is lovely and super easy to talk to,” she said. “When it’s just the two of us, she’s all like, ‘My son is like this and this’ — she’s selling him to me! And I tell her, ‘Aunty, we’re dating, I already like him, don’t worry!’”

“Please marry him!” Natalie interjected.

“In the future!” Grace replied.

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