Grace Chan’s parents reportedly against any flash marriage to Kevin Cheng

Actress’s father: You’ll lose out

Kevin, Grace

Hong Kong actors and celebrity May–December couple Kevin Cheng, 46, and Grace Chan, 24, have been dating for more than eight months, but her parents are reportedly against any flash marriage between them.

Hong Kong media reported yesterday that Kevin wants to settle down soon, but he has yet to meet Grace’s parents, who feel the time isn’t right. And according to sources, Grace’s parents worry that she’s investing in the wrong man.

The couple attended Myolie Wu’s wedding together on December 28 in Hong Kong, and Kevin reportedly asked Grace when it would be their turn to wed after he downed a few drinks, but Grace only smiled and gave no reply.

Sources say Grace’s father thinks she’s still young and having just launched her career, it’s too soon to get married. He even jokingly said that she would lose out if she did.

Kevin and Grace met in early 2015 on the set of the drama series Blue Veins and have been dating since May.

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