Grace Chan’s parents are not against her dating Kevin Cheng

The Hong Kong actress’ parents are said to have a good impression of Kevin Cheng and respect her freedom to choosing her friends

Grace Chan’s parents are not against her dating Kevin Cheng

Despite receiving blessings from the public after implicitly admitting last week that they are seeing each other, 40-year-old Hong Kong TVB actor Kevin Cheng may not have the approval of his 23-year-old co-star Grace Chan’s parents.

According to Hong Kong media, Grace’s parents are reportedly against the May-December relationship and Grace’s mother was rumoured to have returned to Canada in a fit of anger, forgoing the annual celebration of Mothers’ Day with Grace as she was unhappy with the large disparity in the couple’s ages.

However, Grace clarified at an event yesterday that her mother has returned to Canada two months ago and she has posted a selfie with her mother on Instagram with the captions ‘I Miss You’ to express her desire to celebrate the day with her mother.

Grace Chan’s parents are not against her dating Kevin Cheng

Grace added that her parents are aware that she would always think through carefully before she makes a decision and she would also take her feelings into consideration before she does something. She emphasised that her parents respect and understand her need for freedom to form her own social circle.

When asked if her parents have already met Kevin, Grace swiftly denied, explaining that both she and Kevin are busy filming their drama and are currently taking their time to know more about each other.

Reporters also pried further by asking if her parents have requested to meet with Kevin, but Grace replied that her parents have a good impression of him as he is helpful to the newbies and is a caring and meticulous man to those around him. As for the ‘meet-the-parents’ session, Grace said she would let nature take its course.

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