Grace Chan visits Kevin Cheng’s set in secret

Grace Chan attempted to visit Kevin Cheng in Hengdian, China secretly, but her visit was revealed by the director who posted a photo of them on Weibo

Grace Chan visits Kevin Cheng’s set in secret

Hong Kong actor-singer Kevin Cheng and his actress girlfriend Grace Chan’s secret meetup was unwittingly exposed by his director, Ho Shu Pui (also known as Ho Lok), who leaked a group photo on Weibo of him posing with the couple when Grace dropped by Kevin’s set for a visit.

Ho Lok stood in between the couple in the photo while 24-year-old Grace, dressed in dark colours and donning a cap to stay low-key, gave a sweet smile for the camera.

Kevin, 44, is currently in Hengdian, China to shoot his new drama Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi at Hengdian World Studios and Grace, who was supposed to be filming her upcoming drama Brother’s Keeper II, went against her word by visiting his set (she previously revealed that she wouldn’t visit him).

When questioned by reporters, Grace explained that her shoot for Brother’s Keeper II was delayed and thus, she was free to visit Kevin in Hengdian.

She was also asked about whether or not she would be staying in Hengdian for a while, but she refused to disclose that information and expressed, “I do not want to reveal everything I do”.

The pair became close after starring in the same vampire drama series Blue Veins and have been spotted going out on dates over the past few months.

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