Grace Chan won’t be marrying Kevin Cheng anytime soon

Grace Chan shuns that idea of getting married to Kevin Cheng so soon, saying, “We’ve only just started dating for a few months”

Grace Chan on marriage: It won’t be so soon

Even since the two became close after co-starring on the drama series Blue Veins, Hong Kong pageant queen-turned-actress Grace Chan and actor-singer Kevin Cheng’s relationship progress has been under close public scrutiny.

Grace, 24, attended the opening ceremony of her upcoming TVB drama series Brother’s Keeper II yesterday and was asked about her visit to Kevin Cheng’s set in Hengdian, China.

She explained that she stayed in the area for three to four more days and revised her script as and when she was free. Although her boyfriend was busy with work and unable to accompany her the entire time, everyone would go out at night to have dinner together.

“(Kevin) really displays his professionalism at work. I always see him practice and prepare beforehand in order to better portray his Mandarin speaking role,” added Grace.

Grace continued to reveal that they will be very focused on their own projects when she starts work as Kevin will be filming his show in China until September and will not be visiting her on set in Hong Kong.

She admitted, “(Kevin)’s working hours are also very long, so when we both have the time, we will text each other.”

When asked about whether she might have a flash marriage like fellow TVB actress Rosina Lin, Grace replied without denying a possibility of an eventual marriage, “We’ve only just started dating for a few months. It won’t be so soon. Thank you for your concern.”

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