Grace Chow declares love for Show Luo on social media app?

Blogger denies account belongs to her, and calls impersonators ‘pathological liars’

Grace Chow, Show Luo

Grace Chow, the Chinese blogger and rumoured girlfriend of Taiwanese singer Show Luo, has hit back at rumours that she had posted a digitally blurred photo of her and Show accompanied by a declaration of love.

In a Weibo post, she wrote, “I feel like I’m developing split personality using just Weibo and Instagram, so for all those other social media apps, I just want to say that if I’m on it, those are fake accounts! Don’t trust them!

“I don’t know how to use those platforms. And to those people impersonating me and posting nonsense, you’re pathological liars!”

Grace Chow, Show Luo 2

An account on new social media platform 17 purportedly under Grace’s name shared the altered photo with a message saying, “Hahaha this is the first time we’re making our photo public, guess who he is! Hahahaha, I just love being with you.”

Though the two faces in the photo were blurred out, a pair of eyes was left untouched, and their resemblance to Show’s was striking, leaving fans guessing whether Grace had indeed revealed her feelings towards Show.

Since April, Grace and Show have been rumoured to be dating, but lately the pair are said to have hit a rough patch. Fans speculate that their spending more time apart has affected their relationship, and that Grace is upset with Show being too friendly with Taiwan host Linda Chien, once rumoured to be seeing Show.

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