Grace Chow’s selfie sparks surgical enhancement speculation

Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend posts a photo with her nose appearing “a little odd”

Grace Chow 1

Netizens pointed out that a recent selfie on Weibo by Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend, Grace Chow, shows her nose looking unusual and many wondered if the Chinese blogger had gone under the knife lately.

Taiwan media reports that Grace posted the photo yesterday to promote her jacket and skirt, with the message: “Just put these on and posed in front of the mirror, and then my mother came in, gave me the side-eye and asked with disdain, “Did your fine looks make you cry again?’”

Grace Chow 2

Grace has been called an Angelababy lookalike, and has previously admitted to undergoing plastic surgery.

Yesterday, Grace responded to the rumours. “After I got out of bed I found out how concerned people are about my eyes and nose,” she said. “I took a closer look and it does appear odd, though I don’t know why, but perhaps I was a bit heavy-handed with makeup yesterday? But don’t worry, my eyes and nose are fine, here’s another photo taken yesterday, I’m still the same awesome me.”

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