Guo Shu Yao heartbroken over boyfriend’s untruthfulness

‘Why did you lie,’ actress writes on Instagram

Guo Shu Yao, Jin Yang 1

After she got the news that her boyfriend of two years, dance instructor and entertainer Jin Yang, was busted for possession of marijuana, Taiwanese actress, singer and host Guo Shu Yao (known as Yao Yao) posted a blank black image on her Instagram account.

“Why did you lie…. Didn’t you know you would hurt others?” she wrote.

Shu Yao was more hurt by Jin Yang’s untruthfulness than his smoking pot. According to her manager, a friend of hers ran into Jin Yang at a nightclub, but he claimed to be out for a movie.

On Tuesday night, police stopped Jin Yang for rapidly decelerating while driving, and found the inside of his car filled with smoke. They discovered 1.17 g of marijuana in the vehicle.

Jin Yang

According to the police, Jin Yang said he didn’t know doing pot was illegal because he had spent many years overseas. He will be dealt with under Taiwan’s Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.

On Wednesday, Shu Yao issued a statement denying she had ever taken marijuana with Jin Yang, and said she only heard about the news that day.

Her manager said Shu Yao has not met Jin Yang since her return to Taiwan after attending the Busan Film Festival, but clarified that the pair had not broken up.

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