Gwei Lun-Mei is suspected to be pregnant

Leon Dai shared a pregnancy video, contributing to the suspicion that that girlfriend Gwei Lun-Mei is pregnant

Gwei Lun-Mei is suspected to be pregnant
On March 22, Taiwanese actor-director Leon Dai raised suspicions that his actress girlfriend Gwei Lun-Mei is pregnant after he shared a 15-minute scientific documentary that described the different stages of pregnancy which results in the formation of a newborn baby.

The documentary film described the fertilisation process as “fascinating” and Leon captioned the video with words like “life is precious”, calling every childbirth an occasion “worth rejoicing for”.

When the post was released on his official Facebook page, it immediately attracted the attention of many who thought they were married and asked when they had gotten married.

Leon admitted that the videos are actually shared by him, but added that he just wanted to share the “rich, detailed” and educational content. When asked if his girlfriend is expecting, he skirted the issue and did not respond to the question.

Although Leon and Lun-Mei have an 18-year age gap, the couple have been seeing each other for nearly 10 years. Lun-Mei’s parents was said to have disapproved of their relationship and even rejected Leon because of his “poor” financial status.  

However, that has not stopped the couple from making wedding plans and Lun-Mei does not rule out the possibility of a flash marriage. She once said: “I’ll get married when I want to.” 

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