Hannah Quinlivan bonds with baby Hathaway

A picture posted online gave fans a rare glimpse into their lives


Hannah Quinlivan gave birth to Hathaway, her daughter with Jay Chou in July last year. However, the couple has yet to reveal a full picture of Hathaway, who will be turning one in three months.

Yesterday afternoon, Jay Chou’s fanclub revealed a new picture of Hathaway with Hannah. In the picture, the mother and daughter pair are dressed in matching white dresses with colourful watercolour prints. Hannah was even lightly rubbing her forehead on Hathaway, showing her love for her daughter.

Although the picture did not show Hathaway’s face, the baby’s round cheeks and soft-haired heads led fans to gush about Hathaway, even exclaiming that her hair “looks as soft as Jay’s”.

Hannah’s youthful looks in the picture also led to comments like, “I thought there were two kids in the picture,” and “ Looks like a picture of two sisters instead”.

Photos: PBE Media

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