Hannah Quinlivan bundles Hathaway up for winter

Fans quarrel over infant’s obscured face


Taiwanese actress and model Hannah Quinlivan, 22, shared on Facebook a photo of baby Hathaway wrapped snugly in a white down jacket.

“This winter has been especially cold! Everyone, remember to wear extra clothes when you head out,” she wrote.

Though more than 50,000 fans have liked the photo, some criticised Hannah for obscuring Hathaway’s face with stickers of a bow, sunglasses and cat whiskers and left comments asking the actress to show the baby’s face.

“If you’re game enough to post such photos, then don’t hide the baby’s face, or else don’t post anything at all,” some wrote.

Others defended Hannah’s right to protect Hathaway’s privacy, saying, “Celebrities don’t have to do what you tell them to. Who are you?”

Hathaway was born last July.

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