Hannah Quinlivan does not want to have 5 kids

The bride-to-be said that she is “afraid of pain” 

Hannah Quinlivan and Jolin Tsai
At an event in Hong Kong on Monday, Jay Chou’s fiancée Hannah Quinlivan was all smiles when sharing about her upcoming wedding in Europe.

As both Jay and Hannah are Christians, the couple will be throwing a church wedding which will be preceded by a pastor. Approximately 50 people, consisting of their family and friends, are expected to be in attendance. According to Hannah, they have yet to decide on their honeymoon destination.

Although Jay previously mentioned that he would love to have five kids in future, Hannah said that she would “try for one child first because she is afraid of pain”. However, the bride-to-be let on that she has imagined sending her kid to school and is looking forward to realising that.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai was not spared from questions regarding her ex-lover Jay’s wedding. When asked if she received an invitation, the songbird allegedly feigned ignorance and replied: “From who?”

Jolin’s manager then stepped forward to block further questions from the media. 

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