Hannah Quinlivan has no pre-wedding jitters

The widely speculated bride-to-be “enjoys the preparation process”

传周杰伦教堂娶妻 昆凌称不怕婚前恐惧2

Taiwanese Mandopop star Jay Chou has promised to tie the knot with his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan in January next year before his 36th birthday.
As the date draws nearer, bride-to-be Hannah revealed at an event in Hong Kong on Sunday (Nov 2) that she has no pre-wedding jitters at all and the 21-year-old is enjoying the preparation process instead.

The lovebirds were rumoured to have gone on a wedding photoshoot in Europe but Hannah, who wants to wear a princess wedding dress for her big day, only said they took “many beautiful pictures” there.

As for earlier news that the occasion will take place at New Life Church in Taiwan, the model refused to disclose details and said they “will take things step by step”, adding that the wedding will be held “at a normal venue”.

Hannah also dismissed talks that she and Jay attended pre-wedding courses, but revealed they received blessings from church-mates.

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传周杰伦教堂娶妻 昆凌称不怕婚前恐惧1

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