Hannah Quinlivan: I have to do my job

Hannah Quinlivan continues to model and do photoshoots, explaining that she’s just a “working woman” doing her job

Hannah Quinlivan: I have to do my job

Taiwanese model Hannah Quinlivan has been pregnant with Jay Chou’s baby for what’s speculated to be close to five months now and the couple’s every move is currently under public scrutiny.

Being under the influence of the Western culture, the mother-to-be does not strictly observe certain traditional Chinese practices for pregnant women. She continues living a jet-setting lifestyle and frequently travels for work, causing netizens to worry for her baby’s health.

Netizens were alarmed when Hannah dyed her hair and she had to comfort them by saying that her hairdresser chose to use a healthier, organic dye. The 21-year-old’s actions were questioned again when she took to Weibo yesterday to share a selfie with large freckles drawn on her entirely made up face.

Completely aware that netizens would be worried, she hurriedly explained herself, “I was very happy at work today, I got some new freckles! (Okay, I know you guys are going to warn me again and remind me that it’s not good for pregnant women to wear too much makeup, but I’m a working woman and I have to do my job.)”

She continued, “I decided that once I knock off, I will apply my favourite facial mask.”

As a result, netizens left comments like: “You’re still so pretty” and “Go back earlier to wash up and rest. The baby is tired too!”

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