Hannah Quinlivan: I will protect the baby with all my might

Mother-to-be Hannah Quinlivan caused fans to be anxious about the health consequences of her becoming blonde

Hannah Quinlivan: I will protect the baby with all my might

Taiwanese celebrity couple Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou married in January and happily announced Hannah’s pregnancy in April. The active mum is still taking on jobs, wearing high heels and even travelling around the world, making her fans very nervous for her.

Recently, she posted a behind-the-scenes snap from a photo shoot on Facebook, showing off her freshly cut bangs.

All dolled up, wearing a pale red lipstick and false eyelashes that further enhanced her light brown eyes, Hannah was also spotted with a new blonde hair colour. The post immediately attracted a lot of attention and netizens sent her numerous compliments, calling her “a Barbie doll” with “the face of an angel”.

However, some fans are alarmed by the 21-year-old’s new blonde look and reminded the pregnant mother that dyeing her hair is detrimental to her. “It’s better not to dye your hair when you’re pregnant,” wrote fans.

In response, Hannah posted an explanation yesterday on Facebook, “I have communicated with my hair stylist about this and she has given me organic hair dye cream specially for pregnant women which kept my scalp protected.”

Hannah added, “My hair has faded into a very blonde shade because of its exposure to the Californian sun as well as the studio’s lighting. I will protect my baby with all my heart and I’m sorry to have caused everyone to worry.”

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