Hannah Quinlivan in talks for major movie role

Mrs Jay Chou seen meeting with Chinese actor Wang Xueqi in Taiwan

Hannah Quinlivan

Hannah Quinlivan was spotted on October 11 heading into a meeting with renowned Chinese actor Wang Xueqi, raising suspicions that the aspiring actress will be making another attempt at entering the mainland Chinese entertainment industry.

Xueqi was spotted the afternoon of October 11 at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, and that evening he appeared at a restaurant and entered a private dining room with a friend. Hannah and her half-sister showed up 20 minutes later, and after half an hour the pair left the restaurant by the staff passageway.

The wife of Mandopop king Jay Chou is rumoured to be in talks for a role in Xueqi’s wartime movie Gentle Bullet. Filming starts end of this year. This will be the first film project he’s both directing and starring in, and the budget is reportedly NT$1 billion (approximately S$40 million).

According to Taiwan media reports, Xueqi made the trip to Taiwan specially to invite Hannah to take part in his movie. Xueqi once declared himself a big fan of Jay’s music, and made a cameo appearance in Jay’s 2013 sophomore directorial project, The Rooftop.

Hannah tried to make a name for herself as an actress in the Taiwan–China idol drama collaboration Moon River, airing now in Taiwan and China. But she was assigned a bit role and paid less than NT$100,000 (approximately S$4,000) per episode, less than what C-list Chinese actresses receive.

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