Hannah Quinlivan jealous that Hathaway’s first word was ‘daddy’

‘This mummy wants to go on holiday,’ actress says


Taiwanese actress and model Hannah Quinlivan, 22, posted an eight-second sound clip on Facebook on Saturday in which Hathaway spoke her first words, ah-pa (or “daddy”).

“These days Hathaway has been sputtering a lot, and I made the right guess — her first word was ‘daddy!’ This mummy wants to go on holiday,” she wrote.

In the clip, Hannah sounded surprised by Hathaway and responded with, “What did you say?”

Hannah once said she hoped Hathaway’s first word wouldn’t be “mama,” that way her husband, Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou, 37, would have to be the first to attend to Hathaway when the baby cries late at night, and Hannah can take it easy.

Fans gushed over how adorable Hathaway sounded in the clip, and there was a suggestion that Jay should use the audio in a new track of his, and write a song about becoming a father or his hopes for his daughter.

Jay and Hannah married last January and Hathaway was born last July.

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