Hannah Quinlivan: My due date is a secret

Mother-to-be Hannah Quinlivan graced an event with her baby bump 

Hannah Quinlivan: My due date is a secret

A few days ago, Taiwanese celebrities Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan took to Facebook to announce the good news of Hannah’s pregnancy and yesterday, the mother-to-be finally made her first media appearance at an event in Shanghai with her baby bump as she took on questions from reporters.

The model cheerfully revealed that she will only stop working one month before her due date, saying, “If I don’t work, it will be very boring! I just have to watch my health and body while I work.”

Hannah also stressed that even though she will be taking on jobs, she will ensure that she gets ample rest. And like all pregnant women, the 21-year-old is also worried about having stretch marks on her abdomen area and said that she had relayed her concerns to her doctor at a recent check-up.

When asked about the expected date of birth, she only said, “The man (referring to Jay) wants to give everyone a surprise, so I cannot reveal that for now.”

Hannah, who has been listening to Jay’s music during the antenatal training, added with a smile, “He already has a father’s sense of responsibility and I think he will definitely get along well with the child.”

When asked to comment on rumours about her bridesmaid and best friend Beatrice Fang’s suspected pregnancy, Hannah merely replied that she would send all her blessings (to Beatrice) and hopes that their children can be good friends in future.

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