Hannah Quinlivan on motherhood and love

The actress-model gushed about baby Hathaway and Jay Chou in a recent interview


After giving birth to baby Hathaway in 2015, Taiwanese model-actress Hannah Quinlivan has been forthcoming about her love for her daughter with Mandopop star Jay Chou. In a recent interview, the 22-year-old revealed more about how she has changed since becoming a mother.

The mother-of-one described Hathaway as full of energy, and disclosed that while the baby’s first word might have been ‘ba ba’, Hathaway is “still unable to recognise who’s her father”. On the other hand however, the lovable toddler recognises Hannah, and calls her ‘ma ma’. Hannah also shared that Hathaway will then “crawl to her for a hug after calling me”, and described her baby’s actions as “so sweet”.

“There was once when I caught her munching on some paper. When she heard me yell, she immediately hid her hand. [At that time], I was angry, but at the same time, I found her actions extremely cute as well,” the model-actress shared.

Hannah also shared an instance where she doubted her own abilities as a mother, saying, “Once, Hathaway kept yelling, and just wouldn’t stop. I almost broke down then, as I had already changed her diaper and given her milk. I really didn’t know what she wanted, so in the end, I had to carry her for two hours, until she grew tired and fell asleep. At that time, I felt really bad, and kept thinking that most mothers would have known what to do, and that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough, thus making Hathaway cry for so long.”

After almost one year as a mother, Hannah also revealed that she had grown braver, and divulged that she used to be “extremely afraid of spiders and insects” in the past, and would “immediately run away” when faced with a spider. After having Hathaway, however, if she see a spider near the baby, she will immediately “use a piece of paper to push the spider away” if they are alone at home, with no one to turn to for help.

Additionally, Hannah also revealed that she was extremely touched by Jay’s constant companionship during her pregnancy, as the 37-year-old had been with her from her pre-natal doctor visits to her post-natal recovery period.

“After I gave birth, I wasn’t able to move around much, and even needed people to support me when I needed to go to the toilet. At that time, I often joked with Jay asking him if he was ready to become the baby’s caregiver. Some husbands might not be willing to take on the role, but Jay readily agreed.”

Hannah also said it was “fated” that she had married Jay. “When I was younger, I lived alone with my dad, and always wished for someone to be by my side. I wanted to become a mother early, so that I could have someone by my side. While I had dreamt for something like that in the past, I’ve never felt that it was a ‘must’ for me, it just that luck was on my side, and I managed to meet the right person.”

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