Hannah Quinlivan releases a photobook about her pet pooch

Half of the proceeds from the book will go to charity


After getting married, both Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou have been busy with their careers and baby Hathaway, with Hannah’s new photobook hitting the shelves today.

Titled “My Good Machi, Let Me Protect You” in Chinese, half of the proceeds from the photobook will be going to a shelter for stray animals.

A birthday present from Jay, Hannah treats Machi, her pet dog, like her son, often bringing him out on outings with Jay. The pampered pooch was even carried down the aisle by Jay during the couple’s wedding in Taipei.

Hannah also revealed a weird habit of Machi in the photobook – every time Machi gets on the car, the dog would bark and whine until he is set in the driver’s seat, leaving Jay speechless with laughter.


The photobook also showcases different facets of Hannah’s life, including pictures of her bringing Machi out to a park, the beach, and even an alpaca café for coffee.

In the foreword of the photobook, lyricist Vincent Fang wrote, “Machi the miniature Pomeranian is only 3 years and 7 months old, but has already captured the love of Mama Chou [Jay’s mum] and Hannah, which is equivalent to the love received by 3,000 pets. Whenever Mama Chou drops by the record company, Machi will be with her nine times out of 10.”

Makeup artist Ah Du also revealed previously that Hannah used to dream of becoming a veterinarian, and would often bring home sick strays that she found to nurse back to health, and that the main reason for publishing the photobook was for charity.

Photos: PBE Media

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