Hannah Quinlivan reveals how she became Mrs Jay Chou

“I wanted to rest, but Jay Chou dragged me out for the proposal”

Hannah Q 1

Taiwanese actress–model Hannah Quinlivan, 22, said that the day her husband, Jay Chou, proposed, she had wanted to stay in and sleep, but he then insisted they go out, because he had planned an elaborate marriage proposal.

During a recent appearance on a variety programme hosted by Aya Liu, Hannah told the host that the 36-year-old Mandopop star dragged her out for a meal at a restaurant despite her protestation. And when she told Jay she wanted to go back to bed because the weather was cold, he told her, “Just change into anything and go out like this!”

While at the restaurant, four couples seated around them got engaged one after another, and then it got to Jay’s turn, which took Hannah by surprise.

The actress said she then felt angry that Jay hadn’t insisted she put on nicer clothes. But the proposal felt surreal to Hannah, she said.

The couple married this January and welcomed their daughter, Hathaway, in July.

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