Hannah Quinlivan reveals plans for a family of five

The actress-model also shyly revealed Jay Chou’s declaration of love to her


Taiwanese actress-model Hannah Quinlivan, who recently released her first photobook, titled, “My Good Machi, Let Me Protect You” in Chinese, guested on the talkshow Small Swallow Xiaoyan Night with her good friend Beatrice Fang, along with their pet dogs.

On the show, Hannah shared more about her life with Mandopop star Jay Chou after getting married and giving birth to their daughter Hathaway. The 22-year-old revealed that the couple wishes to have three children, and have plans for Hannah to get pregnant soon. Hannah also praised Jay, saying that he was a dutiful husband, who will help to take care of 10-month-old Hathaway, and had also made sure to be present at all her prenatal checkups.

When asked if Hannah was afraid that she would have to compete with her daughter for Jay’s love, the mother-of-one replied in the negative, and revealed that Jay had once confessed to her, “I’ll make sure to dote on you first, and next, our daughter.”

To make things even sweeter, when Hannah had completed her confinement period, she asked Jay if he was ready to take up the role of the baby’s caregiver, with the 37-year-old agreeing without any hesitation.

The lovebirds also have a strong relationship and rarely fight, with Hannah saying, “After getting married, I wanted to continue working as per normal, and for us to have our own finances. Jay both respected and supported my wishes, and even helped to take care of our child. No matter how busy we both are, we make sure to never be apart for more than five days, to try and strike a balance between our work and family lives.”

Jay and Hannah tied the knot in 2015, and welcomed baby Hathaway in July the same year.

Photos: PBE Media

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