Hannah Quinlivan’s wedding ring revealed?

Jay Chou indirectly confirmed that he has bought a wedding ring for her

Hannah Quinlivan’s wedding ring revealed?

Is that the sound of wedding bells we hear? Hannah Quinlivan, also known as the future Mrs. Jay Chou, was spotted with what appears to be an engagement ring on her finger in a recent Instagram post.

The two were confirmed to have flown to London for a work-cum-pre-honeymoon trip earlier this month, where Jay was said to have purchased a Tiffany & Co. ring for his romantic proposal. Jay, however, is maintaining a low profile and has not revealed any details of his wedding.

He denied through his management that the ring he purchased was from Tiffany & Co., leading some to believe that his non-answer was in fact a confirmation that he has indeed gotten an engagement band.

Hannah’s recent Instagram post while eating showed her smiling blissfully with a shiny new trinket spotted on her finger. Her caption, “from my face how much I love it”, has led netizens to wonder if she was referring to the ring.

The 21-year-old model’s manager expressed that she is still on holiday but maintained that the company is unsure if she is still in London. The manager also stressed that they have received no confirmation if that is indeed an engagement ring and said that they will release news of her rumoured January 18 nupitals at an appropriate time.

Hannah Quinlivan’s wedding ring revealed?

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