Hannah Quinlivan shares a photo of “baby Jay Chou”

According to netizens, Hannah Quinlivan is finally showing her affection for Jay Chou through her recent Weibo post

Hannah Quinlivan shares a photo of “baby Jay Chou”

Although Taiwanese-Australian model Hannah Quinlivan is very active on social media, updating about her work as well as her baby, the 21-year-old rarely mentions her Taiwanese multi-hyphenate husband Jay Chou in her posts.

Last Sunday afternoon, Jay’s face made a rare appearance on Hannah’s Weibo when she posted a picture of a homemade card that a fan had made for Jay which had many pictures pasted on top of a baby version of Jay in various outfits.

Hannah Quinlivan shares a photo of “baby Jay Chou”

Hannah gave Jay a pet name in her caption and wrote: “The card that Chou Chou (Jay) received today is very cute,” causing netizens to comment excitedly that she is “finally beginning to show her affection towards her husband”.

Netizens also agreed that the card is very cute and wondered if the couple’s newborn will really turn out to be a boy. One even joked that fans should always give their gifts (meant for Jay) to Hannah so that they can see more of her lovey-dovey side.

After being in a relationship for four years, Hannah and Jay finally tied the knot in January and announced the news of her pregnancy in April.

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