Hannah Quinlivan shows off her baby bump

The pregnant Taiwanese model met with her celebrity buddies on International Children’s Day

Hannah Quinlivan shows off her baby bump

Though Taiwanese celebrity couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s baby is not due to arrive anytime soon, the mother-to-be celebrated International Children’s Day with her baby in advance by showing off her baby bump online yesterday.

On Sunday night (May 31), while Jay was away in Shanghai to fulfill his work commitments, Hannah met up with her celebrity buddies Prince (Wang Zi), Beatrice Fung and her actor husband Johnny Yang. The quartet had spent the night catching up and ended their gathering with a series of we-fies.

While Hannah had repeatedly worried fans with her dangerous behaviour as a pregnant woman, netizens noticed from the photos that she had dressed simply and only put on minimal make-up that evening.

Hannah Quinlivan shows off her baby bump

She and Beatrice, who also coincidentally announced her pregnancy a few months after her marriage, also posed in their oversized hoodies made by Prince’s fashion label P.Star, smiling sweetly while peering at their overwhelming baby bumps.

Beatrice wrote cheekily in her caption, “It was a meal filled with motherly vibes. It’s been a while since this bunch of youngsters met up!”

Hannah Quinlivan shows off her baby bump

Prince also jested, “I’ve seen the both of you transform from young girls to young mothers. I think the theme for tonight’s gathering is ‘listening to mummy’s words’, have a good time!” (sic)

However, some netizens chaffed at Hannah for sporting a bare face in the photos. Some commented sarcastically, “Where is Hannah?” and “I completely couldn’t recognise her” while others remarked harshly, “She looks so frail and her face looks sunken.”

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