Hannah Quinlivan snags 6 brand endorsement deals

Actress’s market value rises exponentially after childbirth


Taiwanese actress and model Hannah Quinlivan, 22, has snagged six new brand endorsement deals and is in talks to take on several more.

Her latest engagements have earned her NT$30 million (approximately S$1.26 million).

While most actresses see their popularity take a dip after they have children, Hannah has become valuable after she and Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou welcomed their daughter, Hathaway, last July.


Advertisers are drawn to Hannah’s wholesome image as a first-time mother, and brands representing diapers, formula, baby apparel, chicken essence and teas have sent her a slew of invitations.

Even a brand of microwaves has come calling.

Hannah’s management agency has worked to accept engagements on her behalf, and she'll be making an appearance at Paris Fashion Week in March. But because she's busy taking care of Hathaway, she won't be returning to acting anytime soon.

Hannah married Jay early last year.

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