Hannah Quinlivan wants a princess wedding dress

The actress-model said that “there is a princess that lives in her heart” 

昆凌穿白纱预习婚礼 松口明年1月结婚1.jpg
Taiwan-based celebrity Hannah Quinlivan appeared at an event in a white dress on Wednesday, seemingly “rehearsing” for her impending wedding with Jay Chou.
When asked on her dream wedding gown, Hannah let on that it has to be princess-themed because “there is a princess that lives in her heart”.
While Hannah refused to divulge the progress of her wedding preparations, the 21-year-old said that she would inform everyone about it when everything is ready.
Hannah and Jay were recently spotted travelling to Europe for their wedding photoshoot. Although she declined to reveal details about the trip, the actress let on that the couple “took many beautiful photos”. Among the photos, her favourite is the set of pictures where they posed with goofy expressions.
According to Hannah, her multi-hyphenate beau will be working on a movie and releasing his new album in the next two months, hinting that the wedding will likely be held in January.
Jay Chou denies having sent wedding invitations

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