Hannah Quinlivan wants a belly cast made

‘The next time I’m pregnant I want to try this!’ Mrs Jay Chou says


Taiwanese model and actress Hannah Quinlivan, 22, shared a video clip on Facebook yesterday and commented she wants to have a belly cast made the next time she’s pregnant.

Fans urged her to start trying for a second child with her husband, Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou, 37.

“Go, Jay!” “Have a boy next,” they commented.


The video Hannah shared showed how a cast was made by smothering an expectant mother’s abdomen with plaster and shaping it into a bowl as a memento of the pregnancy.

The actress added she was interested in trying water birth and asked for fans who have gone through it to share their views.

Jay and Hannah married in January 2015 and their daughter, Hathaway, was born in July.

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