Harlem Yu calls out Jay Chou’s poor English

After Harlem Yu told Jay Chou not to “bite off more than [he] can chew”, Jay casually slipped in the fact that he’s starred in two Hollywood films in recent years

Harlem Yu calls out Jay Chou’s poor English

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Harlem Yu and multi hyphenate Jay Chou are at it again as it’s clear they have become rival judges on the fourth season of The Voice of China, constantly battling it out to become mentors to the best contestants on the show.

Contestants need to choose their own mentors and as a result, Jay and Harlem have been poking fun at each other to lower the other’s chances.

On an earlier episode, the judges were eyeing a talented 19-year-old Chinese-American student by the name of Liu Wei Nan, who is a very strong competitor as he is able to play instruments and sing at the same time. Plus, they were attracted to his clear speaking voice when he spoke in English.

When Jay expressed his interest in having the young contestant join his camp, Harlem jokingly provoked him, “Jay, can you speak English?” and when Jay had no response, he continued, “Oh, you can’t? Then don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

Surprisingly, Jay didn’t react angrily, but instead furrowed his eyebrows slightly and confidently reminded Harlem that he had previously starred in two Hollywood films.

During the judges’ comments segment, Jay calmly advised the student to “combine English and Chinese pop music together” and continued to say, “But let’s get one thing straight – Chinese songs are the coolest,” leaving the boy speechless.

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