Harlem Yu said to have successfully proposed to his girlfriend

The couple are reportedly not planning to have any children


News of Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu’s reported romance with Taiwanese news anchor Jinny Chang first emerged late last year, with the couple first spotted with their arms around each other. Later, they were spotted spending the night together during Christmas as well.

Now, it is rumoured that Harlem, who has a 14-year-old son, Harrison, with his first wife, Annie Yi, had successfully proposed to the 41-year-old a month after they first started dating. According to the rumours, Jinny, who is said to be a cheerful woman with a love for sports, had quickly gained the approval of Harlem’s family as well.

Insiders have also divulged that the couple, who are looking for a suitable date to officially tie the knot, are not looking to have any children. It was said that Jinny doesn’t wish to be a mother, while Harlem already has a son from his first marriage, thus, they came to a consensus and decided to not have kids.

While the couple’s managers have yet to reply to the rumours, Jinny’s good friend, Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan wished for the news anchor to “enjoy the next part of your life” during her birthday in May, leading to rumours that Jinny and Harlem are already married. At that time however, Harlem’s manager had denied the rumours, stating that Harlem was too busy with him work, and had no plans of marriage.

Photos: PBE Media

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