Has Lynn Hung broken up with her boyfriend?

Producers of a Chinese dating programme confirms that she is currently single

Has Lynn Hung broken up with her boyfriend?
Chinese model-turned-actress Lynn Hung was recently said to have ended her relationship with her boyfriend Kwok Ho Chung, who is also the younger brother of Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok.

The 34-year-old admitted to the relationship last December, making it the first relationship she has made public after her split with her seven-year boyfriend, Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok, two years ago.

Speculation rose amongst netizens recently as producers of a Chinese dating programme confirmed that Lynn would be paired with Chinese model Golden Zhang as an on-screen couple.

As the show would only cast celebrities who are not attached in real life, netizens argued that Lynn did not meet their requirements. However, the show’s producers responded strongly, “After getting confirmation from various sources, we are sure that Lynn is definitely single.”

They also added that Lynn wishes to ‘start her life anew’ through the show, seemingly hinting that she has broken up with Ho Chung.

Has Lynn Hung broken up with her boyfriend?
On the other hand, rumours also claimed that Ho Chung’s older sister Kenix was the reason behind their split.

Kenix reportedly disliked Lynn and blamed her for Ho Chung’s failed marriage. Sources also said that Ho Chung did not invite Lynn for his family’s reunion dinner during Chinese New Year as he was afraid that Kenix would be unhappy.

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