Have Amber Kuo and Tony Yang split up?

Netizens speculate that the couple parted ways after their ambiguous exchange on Weibo

Have Amber Kuo and Tony Yang split up?

Taiwanese singer-actress Amber Kuo left the public puzzled about her relationship with actor Tony Yang when she posted an ambiguous Weibo post yesterday, “I will give my blessings to you every day, blessing you in your relationship and the path you take.”

Netizens speculated yesterday that the 29-year-old had initiated a break up with her 33-year-old boyfriend as Tony’s family had pressure the pair to get married. Amber reportedly disagreed and expressed her wish to split up as she feels it’s still too early for her to settle down.

Tony, on the other hand, swiftly posted a reply in the wee hours this morning to clarify that they are still in a relationship, albeit hinting that they are currently facing a rough patch.

He wrote truthfully, “Thank you everyone for your blessings and concern and sorry to have made you worry. As our work commitments have kept us separated from each other for close to six months, we are both facing some difficulties (in this relationship).”

“However, we are still working hard and have yet to give up,” Tony reassured his fans.

The couple first admitted to their relationship while co-starring in a project for the second time in 2013. Their sweet relationship had taken root a year before when they acted in the drama adaption of renowned Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao’s comic Turn Left, Turn Right.

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