Have Song Seung Heon’s feelings for Liu Yifei cooled?

Couple appear awkward and reserved at media event for new movie

Song Seung Heon, Liu Yifei

After their latest project, The Third Way of Love, premiered in Beijing yesterday, actors and lovers Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei attended a media event for the picture, but their awkward body language marked a turn from the lovey-doveyness seen so far, making their fans nervous.

Though they used to discuss marriage and their relationship openly, at yesterday’s event neither would field questions on those topics. “I hope everyone will see my improvement and Mr Song’s wonderful performance [in this movie],” was all Yifei would say when asked about her personal life.

And during the games segment, Yifei declined to be carried by Seung Heon, excusing herself by saying she was heavy. This made it a little uncomfortable for Seung Heon, who could only respond with: “Thank you, Yifei, that’s exactly what I wanted to say.”

When the two were asked directly why they seemed so reserved, Yifei said, “Thank you, but this is our movie press event,” while Seung Heon said, “All my life I’ve always been this reserved.”

The two actors are each blitzing through China promoting The Third Way of Love, with Yifei saying she had covered 10 cities in total.

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