Have Tavia Yeung and Him Law broken up?

The Hong Kong actress is said to have parted ways with her actor boyfriend Him Law as he reportedly cheated on her

Have Tavia Yeung and Him Law broken up?

Hong Kong celebrity couple Tavia Yeung and Him Law was recently rumoured to have annulled their marriage engagement as the latter had reportedly cheated on his girlfriend while filming a new drama series.

The 36-year-old actress was said to have chased Him out of their shared apartment and ended their May-December relationship of three years as Him, known to be a Casanova, had developed a relationship with his co-star Sisley Choi while they filmed in TVB’s drama Young Charioteers.

According to an insider, Tavia had highly recommended her boyfriend to the producers at TVB when they faced a shortage of actors. Him has since secured his first lead actor role in the drama with the help of Tavia.

However, Him and Sisley, who acted as a couple in the drama, have reportedly furthered their on-screen relationship last summer while filming in Taiwan. When they returned to Hong Kong, Sisley was said to have repeatedly phoned Him late at night, enraging Tavia with their close connection.

Sisley also made a daring confession towards Him in her recent phone interview when asked on her collaboration with him. She admitted frankly, “Why is it that a man and woman cannot be friends with each other? We have filmed together for three months and interacted a lot in the process. It is not possible to not have any relations and we are definitely not only colleagues.”

Sources also claimed that Him had tried to patch up their tainted relationship when he immediately flew back to Hong Kong to explain the situation to Tavia after he had finished filming for a movie. However, Tavia could not forgive Him and even exposed that he and Sisley had kept in contact while he was filming the movie.

“He refused to admit his relationship with Sisley and even said that Tavia did not trust in him. When Tavia asked him to prove that he was not cheating by deleting Sisley’s number from his phone, he refused to do so,” a source reiterated.

Earlier this month, when Tavia was asked if she was jealous that Him had intimate scenes in his new drama, the actress also replied ambiguously, “It is good to ‘eat vinegar’ (which also means to be jealous) as it is good for the body. I don’t mind ‘eating vinegar’.”

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