Hebe celebrates her 32nd birthday with Ella and Selina

S.H.E enjoyed a hearty dinner and sang their hearts out at a karaoke party

Hebe celebrates her 32nd birthday with Ella and Selina

Members of Taiwanese pop trio S.H.E may be busy with their individual singing careers, but they found time to meet up and celebrate Hebe Tien’s 32nd birthday last weekend.

Last Sunday night, the trio headed downtown to a Japanese sushi eatery, which was booked and decorated beforehand by Hebe’s personal assistant Liao Hui Cheng and other crew members.

Selina Jen first arrived at the venue with her husband Richard Chang. Hebe, the birthday girl, entered the restaurant shortly after while Ella Chen and her husband were the last to arrive.

The girls enjoyed a hearty meal and headed to a karaoke lounge to continue the celebrations. When Hebe took her leave from the restaurant, reporters who have waited outside the venue swiftly bombarded her with questions.

When asked on her birthday wish, Hebe humbly replied “for everyone to be healthy and joyful.” When reporters threw the question on whether she is in a relationship, Hebe smiled and replied ambiguously, “(I’ll let) nature take its course.”

However, Hebe snapped at reporters when they asked if her other half is a male or female. She retorted angrily, “In the year of 2015, does it really matter if I am in love with a female or male?”

Later that night, Hebe also shared about the close bond between the group members at the karaoke party. “Selina was really emotional when she got a little tipsy and even said with teary eyes that she loves all of us. Ella, on the other hand, kept the mood alive like how she usually is,” she revealed. 

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