Hebe to hold encore concert tour

Tour to kick off in Hong Kong this year


Photos: PBE Media

Hebe held a press conference in Hong Kong yesterday, announcing the start of her If Plus World Tour. The singer had recently concluded her If World Tour, which saw her performing in places like Singapore, Malaysia and Taipei, to name a few.

2016 is shaping up to be a busy year for the singer, who recently performed together with S.H.E bandmates Selina and Ella in Macau. The If Plus World Tour will kick off in June this year, with the first stop at the Hong Kong Coliseum and five stops lined up in China so far.

The seasoned performer also shared that she’s not worried for the upcoming concert in Hong Kong as she has had ample performing experience. It helps that Hong Kong fans are very professional and interactive too as it gives her motivation to perform during the concert, said Hebe.


At the press conference announcing her additional concert stops, the singer, who turns 33 tomorrow, was surprised with an advanced birthday celebration. Apart from wishing “good health and safety” to all those around her, Hebe also wished for Selina to be “successful and happy in future” and for Ella to “have a baby this year.”

When the media present expressed their concern for Selina’s emotional state after her divorce, Hebe said, “I cannot speak on Selina’s behalf for this, but thank you for your concern. S.H.E has been together for 15 years, and we’ll be with her, just like sisters, even when we’re busy.”

Additionally, when asked if she has plans to introduce any “potential boyfriends” to Selina, Hebe, who has been single for a while, answered, “It’s hard [to get a boyfriend] for myself already, we’ll let things run their course.”

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