How did Jay Chou propose to Hannah Quinlivan?

The singer revealed details of his proposal along with his future plans with bride-to-be Hannah Quinlivan

How did Jay Chou propose to Hannah Quinlivan?
The veil of secrecy has finally been lifted on Jay Chou’s romantic proposal to bride-to-be Hannah Quinlivan. While his wedding date was previously confirmed to be on January 18, his 36th birthday, Jay dodged questions on how and whether he had already proposed to his 21-year-old fiancée.

At a press event for his latest studio album, Aiyo, Not Bad, the 35-year-old confirmed that he went down on one knee in England. He added that he set off fireworks for that added pinch of romance, causing Hannah to be moved to tears.

He refused to elaborate on his engagement ring, including how many carats the diamond is and where he purchased the symbolic band from.

He remained stoic with regards to his upcoming nuptials, only saying that he will be filming in England during that period of time but hinted that flying to another location for the wedding was not out of the question.

The groom-to-be openly declared that he hopes to have five children, who will then be able to form a band. He maintained that in accordance to their Christian faith, he and Hannah are still retaining their chastity until after their vows have been exchanged.

Jay’s manager, Yang Jun Rong, announced at the press event that his 13th studio album has achieved 72,000 copies in pre-orders and premiered the music video of ‘Yang Ming Mountain’. Jay quipped that he will work towards release ‘Listen to your Wife’ and ‘Listen to your Children’ in the future following the release of ‘Listen to Daddy’ in this album. ‘Listen to Mommy’ was released in his 2006 album Still Fantasy.

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