Hu Ge tears up while accepting award

The actor will be taking a two-year break from acting


Chinese actor Hu Ge was presented with the Most Outstanding Artiste award at the 2017 Zhong Guo Dian Shi Pin Zhi Sheng Dian (loosely translated as China Television Drama Quality Awards) last night (Feb 27) and was all choked up during his thank you speech. It was the actor’s last awards ceremony before he officially takes a break from showbiz to further his studies in America.

Fellow celebrity and close friend Ariel Lin, who played Hu Ge’s lover in The Legend of The Condor Heroes, also made a surprise appearance to send her well wishes. She said, “I just want to say that you know yourself best, and you decide what’s best for yourself despite what the naysayers say”, seemingly supportive of his decision to bow out from the industry.

Hu Ge’s Nirvana in Fire co-star Jin Dong, who walked the red carpet with him, also said, “It’s okay even if you don’t score well, just come back in one piece!”

Touched by the farewell wishes, the 34-year-old actor teared up during his speech and shared that he was pleasantly surprised by the kind gestures from the organisers and that he’d originally planned to leave quietly. “This feels so surreal. I will come back stronger, I won’t let everyone down!” he assured the audience.

Hu Ge also wrote on his Weibo after the awards ceremony, “I never thought that it would be possible to have everyone see me off, I felt so overwhelmed, what a surprise!”

He gained popularity after playing a number of Chinese period drama roles such as Mei Changsu in Nirvana in Fire and Jian Tian in Chinese Paladin 3.

Photos: PBE Media

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