Huang An nearly dies from heart attack

Singer out of danger


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese singer Huang An, 54, nearly died from a heart attack he suffered in the small hours of March 5.

In an update he posted on Weibo on March 6, the singer said he nearly didn’t make it, but he was rushed to hospital in time. He added he was still under observation in the intensive care unit. He then thanked his friends and fans for their well-wishes, and he reminded them to take care of their health.

Quoting a Zen saying, he wrote, “Tonight I take off my shoes and socks, but who knows whether I’ll put them on tomorrow.”


Huang An, a controversial figure known for his fiery remarks denouncing Taiwanese independence, received a good deal of hateful comments on Weibo in response to his first update, which he later deleted.

In January, the singer accused TWICE’s Tzuyu, 16, of supporting Taiwanese independence, which eventually led to the South Korea–based pop singer being forced to issue a public apology.

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