Huang Xiaoming commissions bespoke tiara for Angelababy

‘Wedding of the century’ to take place tomorrow in Shanghai

Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy 1

To give his fiancee, actress and model Angelababy, a fairytale wedding, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, 37, has ordered a bespoke tiara for fiancee Angelababy from Chaumet, Chinese media reports.

The French jeweller is known for its designs and its clientele, which included Napoleon I and his two wives, and Queen Victoria.

This comes after Angelababy, 26, shared photos of her 5-carat wedding ring, another expensive gift from Xiaoming.


Many high-end fashion houses have offered the couple wedding clothes and bridal gowns, so it’s not yet known what they will be wearing for the ceremony.

The “wedding of the century” will be held tomorrow in Shanghai, with close to one hundred celebrities invited. Besides the famous groomsmen, Chinese actress Li Bingbing will be attending the event as a bridesmaid.

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