Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy go on a helicopter date

Angelababy uploaded a video of the couple in a helicopter reportedly in the skies of Los Angeles

夏威夷定10/4黄晓明日 偕女友云霄幽会‍

Chinese celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, who have been dating since 2010, went on yet another date that will leave you green-eyed - this time on a helicopter reportedly in the skies of Los Angeles.

Xiaoming was filming new movie Barging into Hollywood in the States with China actress Vicki Zhao last Wednesday and flew to Hawaii two days later to attend the Hawaiian International Film Festival.

Although Angelababy had gone to Hawaii with Xiaoming, she was unable to attend the festival with him due to clashing schedules. But the two managed to spend time together nonetheless, reportedly when they flew from Hawaii to Los Angeles.

Tourists spotted the couple shopping for sunglasses at a store and Angelababy even took her beau on a ride in a helicopter. She uploaded a video of them in the skies on Instagram on Monday with the caption: “Captain ab brings everyone on a flight!” Netizens were envious of their relationship and left comments for them to get married.

In addition to presenting the Special Achievement Award to the actor at the festival, the Hawaiian government also decided to name October 4 as “Huang Xiaoming day”.

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